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Adaptive Leadership is a framework for leading consequential change during times of transition and uncertainty.

Adaptive Leadership emerged from 40+ years of development and practice at Harvard Kennedy School. It is comprised of a set of tools and techniques for moving organizations, communities and teams beyond the status quo, when “the way things are done around here” is no longer fit for purpose.

Eric Martin
Adaptive Leadership

Key concepts in Adaptive Leadership include: getting on the balcony, the nature of adaptation, distinguishing between technical and adaptive challenges, exercising leadership vs exercising authority, personalizing the adaptive challenge, leading from self vs role, thinking politically, courageous conversations, and leading without authority.

Moving away from business as usual requires, individually and collectively, that you see what of your “DNA” is essential and what is expendable – what needs to be preserved for the future and what needs to be discarded so that you can adapt and create space for innovation.

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