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Leading any form of change initiative is complex. You need to work across organizational boundaries, build partnerships, deal with conflict and overcome differences in values, visions and desired outcomes.  Plus you need to have a thick skin!

Drawing on 35+ years of experience at Harvard and sharp-end experience in the field, the program builds your professional and personal capacity to: lead in complex, political, ambiguous environments; manage the personal risks and pressures of leadership; build vibrant alliances for cross-border collaboration; and design strategies for generating change.

Your profile

  • Experienced leader, practitioner or facilitator working with a purpose-led agenda in or across organizations

  • Currently or expect to be leading an organization or initiative that is likely to challenge prevailing and entrenched values and beliefs

  • Keen to strengthen your effectiveness and personal resilience as a leader

Fees and "Gift" Pricing

A $500 deposit holds your seat. As part of ACA's contribution to the gift economy, you can adjust the actual amount you pay (+ or -) after the program. No pressure and no judgement if you pay less than the market rate, or pay nothing at all. Rates: Corporate $2,000, Nonprofit/Govt $1,500 


  • Build capacity for leveraging authority and power within and across diverse groups

  • Heighten awareness to the intricate dynamics of human systems

  • Deepen insight into issues of trust, political sensitivities, resistance and tolerance for change, conflict and distress

  • Strengthen ability to lead adaptively in multi-stakeholder environments and change initiatives

  • Create a confidential space for reflection, exploration and advice on personal risk-taking and learning


Eric R. Martin is a renown Adaptive Leadership trainer, advisor and speaker at places such as: The White House Executive Office of Presidential Personnel, Google, Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, Verizon, US Business Council for Sustainable Development, United Nations Innovation Network, World Bank, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, Aspen Institute, Cornell University, and Acumen.  Eric's work to "democratize leadership" has put the powerful framework, tools and techniques of Adaptive Leadership into the hands of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

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