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Fundamentally redesigning the energy economy amidst a climate crisis requires unprecedented leadership.


Clean energy professionals need to work across organizational boundaries, build partnerships, address loss, deal with conflict and overcome differences in values, visions and desired outcomes. 

Drawing on 35+ years of experience at Harvard, sharp-end experience in the field, and deep insights into the complex energy ecosystem, the program builds your professional and personal capacity to design strategies for generating change in the energy economy.

The workshop is hosted by a collaboration between Adaptive Change Advisors (ACA) and the Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI).

Your profile

  • Experienced clean energy leader, practitioner or advocate working in or across organizations with a focus in energy, climate, or environmental justice

  • Currently or expect to be leading an organization or initiative that is likely to challenge prevailing and entrenched values and beliefs in the energy sector​


Corporate $2,000 | Nonprofit & Government $1,500


Eric R. Martin, Managing Director of Adaptive Change Advisors, is a renown Adaptive Leadership author, trainer, advisor and speaker. Eric's work to "democratize leadership" has put the powerful framework, tools and techniques of Adaptive Leadership into the hands of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. 

Liz Ramsay Dalton, Executive Director of the Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI) is a former White House executive appointee specializing in energy, climate, and national security. She has extensive knowledge of established and breakthrough energy technologies, public-private collaborations, clean energy and climate public policies, and federal government funding mechanisms.

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