Continuous change is normal. So ACA has leadership training opportunities available on demand and when you need them.

Adaptive Leadership   Public Workshops
ACA regularly runs public workshops in New York, Washington DC, London, Nairobi, Mumbai and Tokyo, co-hosted with strategic partners to provide local context and culture.
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Special Offerings
Leading Through Uncertainty | An Ongoing Conversation
In this moment, we are faced with many choices, both individually and collectively. The loss of familiar, reassuring touch stones for many aspects of our everyday life is profoundly disorienting. It leaves us wondering ‘what should we do now?’ and ‘how do I lead through uncertainty?’ 
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Introduction to Adaptive Leadership for the Energy Transition

Clean energy professionals need to work across organizational boundaries, build partnerships, address loss, deal with conflict and overcome differences in values, visions and desired outcomes. ​The workshop is hosted by a collaboration between Adaptive Change Advisors (ACA) and the Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI).

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Gather - A Community for Leadership Practitioners

Would you recognize a leadership moment when it came your way? And would you know what to do when it did?  Gather is a worldwide community for deep learning, unlearning and sense-making. In this community, discover people, courses, and leadership development resources to help you identify and seize the leadership moments that come your way every day. Gather emerged initially from the work of Eric Martin, author of Your Leadership Moment, and Managing Director at Adaptive Change Advisors.

Online Leadership Courses
ACA is the world's first and largest provider of online Adaptive Leadership courses and e-learning. We have reached over 300,000 people. Online leadership training is available for you and your team at no cost. These rolling trainings provide the core concepts to create sustainable change in the areas that matter most.

Our online courses are offered through Gather, They are perfect if…

  • You’re struggling with a leadership team challenge that has left your team moving in circles

  • You know you have silos that need to figure out how to work together to accomplish a task

  • You’d like to cultivate the skills for your team to solve problems that are interpersonal

  • You want to 

Customized course

If you’d like to customize the online course to the work for your organization, the opportunity to pair the course with weekly consultations is available. 

We've offered topic-specific courses on public health and health equity, environmental sustainability, conservation, climate resilience and many others.

The first step is to talk about your needs and how ACA can support your goals. Set up a time to talk here

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