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Ongoing every other Thursday
All are welcome to join.

In this moment of transition, we are faced with many choices, both individually and collectively. The loss of familiar, reassuring touch stones for many aspects of our everyday life is profoundly disorienting. It leaves us wondering ‘what should we do now?’ and ‘how do I lead through uncertainty?’ 

Do we hunker down, turn away from others, only care for ourselves?

Or, reset and turn toward each other to hold uncertainty together in creative and life-affirming ways.

That choice is at the core of our collective leadership work. It's a choice that we face every day, every hour, every moment. 

While the correct response includes the temporary shut down, cancellation and limitation of movement and interaction, we recognize this as a time to build connection and resilience, not limit it.


There are many creative alternatives. Join us and a community of people like yourself with a simple purpose - to practice intentional connection, openness and mutual support at a time when it's greatly needed. 



Online, using Zoom. Participants join from around the world.


Every other Thursday 12:00 noon  - 1:00pm NYC  time. 


An hour of conversation, peer consulting, listening to one another, mutual support, and community building


MPA Global Advisors

Enso Impact

Adaptive Change Advisors


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  • Join for the start of the call and stay the whole time. It will help create a welcoming environment for everyone.

  • Extend gracious welcome to others and to yourself. Simply joining this call can be 90% of the work.

  • Our wish is for genuine freedom in this practice. Nobody is required to say anything in particular. Quietude is perfectly acceptable.

  • Give your fullest, warmest attention to the person speaking. Know that they don't need fixing, or saving.

  • Observe and protect both conventional and 'double' confidentiality so that everyone is free to speak. Conventional confidentiality means not sharing anything outside the group that identifies other participants. Double confidentiality means not raising an issue after the call that someone speaks to - with that person or anyone else in the group, without the invitation of the person in question.

  • You're welcome to share outside the group anything you have said, and also insights, possibilities and new understanding you've come to.

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