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A curated selection of Adaptive Leadership books and articles, presented in recommended reading order.

(Book) Anyone can be a leader. You don't have to be a CEO or work in a management position to have influence. Your Leadership Moment provides practical tools, techniques and inspiration to discover your leadership potential. It combines personal and real-world anecdotes with a framework for adaptive leadership that can help anyone learn to lead.

(Article) How to know when it's your time to lead. 

(Article) The story of Eric Martin and Vimal Kumar, who's leading a civil rights movement in India.

(Op-Ed) Eric R. Martin and Asim Janjua blockchain specialists from Adaptive Change Advisors and ConsenSys speak about the potentials of blockchain in a joint op-ed

(Article) ACA Founder Eric Martin discusses the role of leadership in securing democracy and shares practical ideas for every day life.

(Article) A plain language introduction to Adaptive Leadership at Google.

(Article) Blockchain holds extraordinary potential to democratize everything it touches, from sustainability tracking to lending to the arts to democracy itself. But can blockchain leaders avoiding repeating the mistakes made by Facebook, Google and other tech giants?

(Article) The classic mistake: applying a technical fix to the adaptive problem of "fake" news.

(Article) Written at the height of the 2008 financial crisis.  Article available upon request.

(Article) A treatment of Adaptive Leadership in philanthropy against the backdrop of power dynamics between grantmakers and grantees.

The Work of Leadership (by Heifetz and Laurie)

(Article) Seminal article on Adaptive Leadership.  Denser and longer but a good grounding in the core ideas if you have don’t have time to read the first two books. Article available upon request.

(Book) The most recent book on Adaptive Leadership. Not quite a field guide, but filled with practical activities to try in your day-to-day work and life.

(Article) The US energy industry has adapted before, but will it now?

(Article) Case study of adaptive leadership in tough negotiations to find a sustainable solution to New York City's water challenge.

(Article) A classic.  Good grounding in the work.  A bit old in terms of publishing date but still relevant. Article available upon request.

Best Practice Briefing – Tactics for Tough Times (Harvard Business Press)

(Article) Gets a bit deeper into the leadership ideas than the items above but is still digestible. Article available upon request.

(Article) Good, digestible introduction to the adaptive leadership approach.  Oldie but goodie.

(Book) More conversational in tone than the other books. Of the lot, it conveys the spirit of this approach well.

(Book) The seminal book on Adaptive Leadership. A dense read, but well worth it for the AL enthusiast.

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